Whether you are preparing for or have had weight loss surgery, we are here for you.

We will help you navigate your way to a healthy lifestyle on your journey.

We want to help you in those areas where you struggle, whether it is feeling defeated by the never-ending cycle of weight loss and gain that comes with dieting.  Or in battling chronic diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Making the right steps along your journey are important to your success.  You need someone to guide and encourage you along the way.  We are here for you.

With our help, you will:


Reach Your Non-Scale Victories.

We all have them. Things that we hope and dream about that can not be measured by weight loss alone.

Do you want to be able to play with the kids or grandkids but it is too exhausting?

Do you have a dream vacation that you are afraid to take because you would be too tired?

Do you wish your diabetes or blood pressure would get better?


We can help you begin to develop a new plan to achieve these goals starting today.


Improved Health. 

Many are looking to see their health improve after bariatric surgery.  For some, that means no longer being tired all the time or having energy to do the basic things of life.  For others, the cost of their medications is driving them to their breaking point.

Whether it is diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or body pains that drew you to consider bariatric surgery, we are here to guide you on your journey to improved health.


We teach you the fundamentals of sound nutrition as you prepare for surgery.

After surgery, we focus on your unique needs for the stage you are at.

We will teach you how to eat to fuel your body while enjoying the foods you eat.


Attaining Your Weight Goals. 

Bariatric surgery gives you a jump-start on weight loss.

It is still up to you to make healthier choices and move your body to continue towards your health and fitness goals.

We offer support to help you find the way that is right for you and your body.

With our help, you will:

  • Make healthier food choices
  • Bust cravings that previously derailed you
  • Eat in a way that fuels and energizes YOUR body
  • Get the nutrients you need as you lose weight


Don’t be hindered by misinformation and confusion.  Eating healthy after weight loss surgery should not be hard or confusing.


Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin. 

Not feeling comfortable in your own skin after bariatric surgery is a common experience, especially when the procedures promote fast weight loss.

Some people can feel like imposters or frauds because weight is lost so rapid and most people have little time to adjust.

We are here with you as you adjust to the NEW you.

We walk with you through those times when you may question yourself.

It is normal to feel this way from time-to-time, but don’t let it derail you from living a healthy and vibrant life!

Let us help you on your way to success.

We are here for you.

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