Pre-Op Appointments – What to Expect

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Depending upon your surgeon’s requirements,

you may have to complete one or two appointments

with your dietitian prior to surgery.




We can complete your dietitian meeting by phone, video, or in-person.

Please specify how you would like to meet when you set your appointment.


If you choose by phone or video, you will need to be able to have access to your email during the meeting.

Your dietitian will send educational materials to your email to review during your meeting.



At the end of the meeting, your dietitian will complete an approval letter to be sent to your surgeon.

All necessary paperwork, including the approval letter, is sent to your surgeon’s office on the same day.





At your initial pre-op appointment….


Your dietitian is required to complete

a nutrition assessment that includes a review of:


 Your weight history

Diets you have tried

Medical conditions

Current medications

Recent lab work



Together, you will review what you typically eat so your dietitian can determine how best to guide you.


During this session, you can expect to:

Create custom goals that will guide you to success after surgery

Learn how to eat after surgery

Including specific nutrients that you may need to focus on.


We will be ready to answer your questions,

so you feel comfortable with the process

as you prepare to have surgery



Your support person is welcome to attend this meeting with you.



Depending on your surgeon’s requirements,

you may also review your surgeon’s specific diet stages

for after surgery at this time.


You may also review vitamin and minerals required.


You will leave this meeting confident

of the next steps to take before your surgery to be successful.




For those who require a second pre-op appointment….


At the meeting, you will review how you have progressed on the goals you set at your first visit.


This is a good time to troubleshoot any obstacles you experienced while working on your goals.   


We will review your surgeon’s specific pre- and post-op diet stages. 


We will cover the vitamin and mineral requirements for both the pre-op diet and long-term post-op diet.


You will meeting confident that you know what is required for your surgery.


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