Dianna Lopez LDN, RDN

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Our mission is to empower you through practical, expert nutrition coaching.

We offer encouragement as you move towards true HOPE and lasting PEACE with your body!

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Healthy Eating

We’re here for you. We can teach you how to eat healthy. We can help you begin to incorporate activity into your lifestyle, no matter your fitness level.
We offer common sense, practical approaches to improve your health.



Making the right steps as you prepare for weight loss surgery is vitally important. As you start on this new journey, you need someone to guide you through to the new YOU.
After weight loss surgery, you must begin to make healthier choices and move your body to reach your health and fitness goals. We offer support to help you find the way that is right for you and your body.


Emotional Eating

For years, I struggled with feeling out-of-control in my eating habits. I learned how to be mindful of my emotions and developed strategies to deal with my emotions without resorting to emotional eating. I want to teach you how to experience your own victory over emotional eating. No one should have to feel defeated.

My Experience

When I went to school to become a dietitian, I was seeking to learn more about healthy eating to improve the lives of others, as much as I was seeking to understand and overcome my own unhealthy eating habits.

I have learned much with my training as a dietitian but I have learned more from the school of hard knocks. I tried almost very diet that has become popular. Over the years, I would have victory…for a while, then I would put back on the pounds I lost, plus a few more. This cycling on and off diets caused me to become discourage and to develop an eating disorder called binge eating disorder. I struggled as I used food to cope with my emotions, and in the process, gained more weight. I felt out-of-control, defeated and hopeless.

Eventually, I realized I had a serious problem and sought help. I no longer struggle as I did before with my eating habits and emotions. Yes, there are times when I may unconsciously slip into old habits, but I have learned how not let a “slip-up” take away my life as it did before.

If you are feeling hopeless and defeated, I understand. I also understand there is a way out. Don’t lose hope that you can have victory! I want you to be healthy and to live the vibrant, adventurous life that is awaiting you!

Healthy Regards,

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