Michele B.

Lost 90 Pounds and 3 Sizes

Michele B.      “I have been working with Dianna for approximately a year now.  Pre and Post weight loss surgery.  Because of the incredible support she has provided; I decided to continue meeting with her even after surgery to make sure that I stay on track with my nutrition.

“Dianna has been tremendously helpful in answering my questions, being available when needed and providing examples and tips to help me meet my nutritional and weight loss goals.  She has made herself available via the phone, e-mail, and Zoom meetings; including running a support group meeting.

I have worked with a few other dietitians/nutritionists  in the past, but I have never had the attention and support that I have had with Dianna.  Without her, I feel my weight loss surgery would be much more difficult to navigate and ultimately; succeed with.”

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